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Average Height For Men Calculator
What is your height : What is your ethnicity This Average Height For Men calculator is based on years of data compiled by authoritative sources. Find out how your height compares with the average height for males having the same ethnicity. Feet Inches
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Mens Average Height Calculator - What is the average height of men
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The average height for men calculator and how it compares your height with the average male height

It is a well known fact that human height is a factor of both genetics as well as nutrition. Other factors that have a bearing on height are the standard of living, diseases & conditions faced by the body, poverty, and genetic make-up of the body. The average male height is often ranged in a narrow band when compared with male heights of individuals from the same ethnic background have similar living conditions.

The average male height has always been found to be more than the average female height across all ethnic groups and countries, which is a genetic factor that is prevalent across all human beings. Another interesting fact is that the full height for women occurs at an earlier age than that for men, which is basically because women reach puberty before men. The average height for men is the highest in the Netherlands at over 6 feet tall, and the least in China and other Asian countries at well below 5 feet and seven inches.

The average male height calculator is a handy tool to quickly compare your height with other males from the same or different ethnicity. This height calculator makes use of historical information related to male average height and has been to be very accurate for most people.

The technical definition of the human height is from the bottom of the feet to the top of the head. The main determinants of height are genetics, quality of life, medical care and environmental factors. Malnutrition has been identified as one of the single largest contributing factors behind stunted growth, especially in places like Africa and parts of Asia. The study of height is known as Auxology.
Similar search terms : Average height for men, Average height for boys, Average height of the American male, Average human height
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