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Average Penis Girth Calculator
What is your penis girth in inches (around the thickest part) : What is your ethnicity : This penis girth calculator helps you find out how you compare with the average penis thickness.
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Average Penis Girth Calculator - Compare with the average penis circumference
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The average penis girth calculator makes use of worldwide average penis thickness information taken from various sources after moderation/refinement at our own end. While there is no such thing as a normal penis width for human males, the subject of ones penis size girth and the average penis girth will always remain an interesting and current topic. While many researches do not find any correlation between ethnicity and penis size, it is still a subject on which many findings show a clear ethnic correlation, which is also very much backed up by peoples opinion and observation.

When comparing yourself to the average male penis circumference, please keep in mind the correct technique for measuring your penis. Obtain a full erection. Measure around the thickest part of the penis, which could be any part. Use the average penis girth calculator to compare your penis size with the worldwide average penis girth.

Some interesting things about penis girth and average penis girth

1. There is no such thing as normal penis girth. Even a below average penis thickness can be normal.
2. The size of the flaccid penis has no correlation to the size of erect penis
3. The penis appears short in overweight people and when it is very cold
4. The average penis girth is 3.5 to 4 inches in some studies and 4 to 5 inches in other studies
5. The average penis length is 5.1 to 6 inches in most countries (use the penis length calculator to get accurate indications of penis size)
6. The average flaccid penis is 3.5 inches long
7. The penis increases by aprox. 2-3 inches during erection
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