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Google Adsense Revenue Estimate Calculator
What is the theme of your website (choose the nearest ) : Daily page impressions across the whole website : Select the theme and traffic of your website and and get an aproximate idea of the Adsense income your website can generate. This average Google Adsense Income calculator assumes a click through (CTR) of 1.5%, which is the average CTR across most websites. The Google Adsense income calculator also assumes that each page displaying Google Adsense ads will have 2 Ad units is positioned above the fold on the page.
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Google Adsense Revenue Estimate Calculator - Average Google Adsense ecpm
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Google Adsense Revenue Calculator – Find out the Average Google Adsense revenues for your website

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Google offers one of the industries best paying advertising programs that allows all websites to convert their traffic into revenues by simply adding Adsense code to the pages. The average Google Adsense revenue is usually better or at par with the best performing advertising networks catering to the same segment.

The average Google Adsense revenues vary across different businesses and website themes. It is a well known fact that the cpm (revenue per thousand page impressions) is much higher in the case of some businesses such as Legal, finance and cancer treatment etc. The Google Adsense ecpm is usually far better than most alternative advertising networks or affiliate marketing programs.

How much does the Google Adsense Program pay

Google does not fully disclose what it pays to its advertisers; however it is rumored that The Google Adsense program pays out 33% of what the actual advertiser pays to Google. In most cases this turns out to be a tidy epcm for most website owners. As described below, Google pays out different amounts on each click based upon the CPC (cost per click) of the advert being clicked on by the website visitor. Over time, every website conforms to an average ECPM and the average Google income over a long period of time usually remains fairly stable.

What factors play a role in achieving a higher Google income

The website theme : As mentioned above, the most influential factor in determining the quantum of Google Adsense income is the theme of the website. While saying this, it must be kept in mind that the website traffic is always inversely proportional to the CPC (cost per click) that the advertisers pay on Adsense. Therefore it is common for high traffic websites themed around low paying keywords to be earning the same as low traffic websites themed around high paying keywords. The average Google Adsense income in both cases remains the same since the cost to the advertiser is the same in both cases.

The Google Adsense panels placement : You can see your daily Google Adsense income go up substantially by placing the ad units in better locations and ensuring that the ads blend into the website. Google has provided several color themes that allow website owners to merge the ads into the background of the website.

Website Traffic and Content : It is no surprise that more traffic leads to more people seeing the Google Adsense adverts, leading to more Adsense incomes. Another important factor is the CTR (click through rate) which is the percentage of people who visited the website and end up clicking on the ad. The content and nature of the website determines the CTR.
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