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Percentage Increase Calculator
Value before increase/decrease: Amount of increase:       Simply fill in the amount of increase and the initial amount before the increase:
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Calculate Percentage Increase - Percentage Increase Formula
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How to Calculate Percentage Increase :

This calculator helps you calculate the percentage increase of a value based upon the initial value and the amount of increase.

The formula to calculate percentage is:

(Amount of increase/Initial value) * 100

Simply fill in the values in the above percentage increase calculator and view your result.

A common mistake while calculating the percentage increase using the percentage increase formula is forgetting to divide the increase by the original starting number. For example if you had $120 and it became $200, then the percentage increase is 200-100 is equal to 80 divided by the original value which was 120. Some people very often make the mistake of dividing the increase by the new value.
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